Introduction to Angels and Angel Card Reading


On this course you will learn about the angelic hierarchy including the Archangels. Invocations and prayers to call upon specific angels for assistance. You will learn how to use and interpret the Angel Cards to give helpful card readings for yourself and others. You will learn ways of working with your angel cards how to do a 3 card reading and a more in-depth 9 card reading. Also we will look more in-depth at the key cards within a reading, Strengths, Heart and Challenges. It is not necessary to be a clairvoyant or medium to experience the joy of angels. This course will introduce you to the angels and give you practical experience to help you bring the angels into your everyday life.

  1. What are angels and the angelic hierarchy?
  2. Archangels including Michael, Raphael, Chamuel, Gabriel, Jophiel, Uriel, Zadkiel. Their responsibilities and their role in Angel Healing.
  3. How to connect to and invoke the angels for assistance.
  4. Introduction to the Angels Cards, how to interpret the angel cards. A look at the meaning of the cards in detail.
  5. How to give and interpret a 3 card reading (students work in pairs to give and receive angel card readings).
  6. How to give a 9 card reading and more ways to work with your cards. Students work in pairs to give and interpret 9 card readings.

What previous experience or skills are required?

No skills are necessary. This course is for introduction purposes only and does not qualify you as a professional therapist. However, it introduces you to angels card reading and gives you the skills to interpret the card to provide meaningful reading for yourself, family and friends.


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