Introduction to Angelic Abundance and Angel Boards


On this interactive workshop, you will learn to start to create your vision for the future. I will introduce you to how angel boards work. In addition, we will also look at how to call upon Archangel Ariel for prosperity and divine guidance to enable you to achieve your life purpose. Once you have assembled your angel board I will lead you into a guided meditation to help you to activate your vision into reality. An angel board starts to bring those things that you desire closer to you bringing your dreams forward into reality. Also, we will look at angelic affirmations for abundance. In addition, we will look at Crystals for prosperity to bless you with wealth, success, happiness, and generosity.

It is not necessary to be a clairvoyant or medium to experience the joy of angels. This course will introduce you to the angels of abundance and give you practical experience to enable you to make an angel board, and the power of affirmations to help you bring the angels of abundance into your everyday life. All card scissors, glue will be provided, you may wish to bring additional pictures of yourself, friends or loved ones to personalise your angel board.

You will keep and take home your angel boards, plus handouts will be provided to enable you to practise the exercises at home for friends and family.

Date: To be appointed



  1. Introduction to the angels of abundance, and how to call upon them to bring angelic abundance into your life.
  2. Opening and Allowing angelic abundance, simple exercises to dispel negative or self limiting beliefs to obtaining angelic abundance.
  3. Assemble an Angel board, a practical exercise to make a personalised angel board, to enable you to start to bring those things that you desire, however impossible you may think it is, your vision will bring it closer to you, bringing your dreams forward into reality.
  4. A guided meditation to help you tell the angels exactly what you would like to create as your future, or obtain angelic guidance to help you achieve your life purpose.
  5. An introduction to the crystals of prosperity and manifesting simple exercises to enhance angelic abundance.
  6. Crystal clear intentions and the power of affirmation and angelic affirmations for abundance.

What previous experience or skills are required?

No skills are necessary. This course is for introduction purposes only and does not qualify you as a professional therapist. However, it introduces you to the angels of abundance and gives you the skills to make angel boards for yourself or your loved ones. In addition, it will give you practical exercises to promote abundance in your life. The workshops are relaxed practical and no prior knowledge is required.