Reiki and Crystals Training Course

Crystals, Auras and ChakrasReiki :: Level 1

Students will learn the history and principles of Reiki, using Reiki and feeling the energy Gassho; Participants will receive Reiki I attunement which enables you to channel Reiki healing energy. You will also learn the Reiki hand positions, how to give a complete Reiki treatment for yourself and others using techniques as taught by Dr. Usui. Discussion of the body’s energy field, chakras, auras meridians, and talk about ethics in healing work.

What is the course about?

Learn a complete crystal healing sequence to integrate into your Reiki treatments.

What topics will we cover?

  • Energy, crystal healing
  • The aura and the chakras
  • Clearing, charging and checking the chakras
  • Crystals for balancing the chakras
  • Crystals for cleansing the aura.

By the end of this course you should be able to:

  • Identify the seven main chakras, their locations and basic characteristics.
  • Demonstrate a chakra balance layout using appropriate crystals.
  • Demonstrate using a crystal pendulum to cleanse the aura.
  • Demonstrate checking the chakras and using clear quartz crystals to cleanse and recharge the chakras.

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